Lightroom, Camera Raw upgrades

Although I'm a big fan of Adobe Lightroom, having moved away from iView Media Pro, Lightroom has had one annoying quirk since I upgraded to 1.1 this summer: stalling when importing new files from disk. Lightroom just stopped after importing about 5 or 10 images. It would take multiple attempts, often requiring restarting the program, to get the files imported. A bit of net searching found an Adobe forum post suggesting an odd, but effective, workaround. After starting the import process, click on "Quick Collection" in the Library section on the left panel, and the files just roll right in.

All of which is to say that I hope this problem has been resolved with the newly released version, 1.2, now available here, along with the new version of Adobe Camera Raw 4.2 here. Of course if you already have Lightroom and ACR you'll likely be notified automatically that the updates are available.

While this new version appears to be mainly a few bug fixes and support for  new cameras, the first upgrade, 1.1, was a significant release. I gave an introduction to Lightroom presentation at a recent Photo Venture meeting and was surprised by the number of folks who hadn't upgraded from version 1.0. If you haven't upgraded from version 1.0 do so, the many new features are definitely worth having. And, it's like, free, dude.