A woman and her hat

I like to venture onto the street to shoot occasionally, but not often enough or well enough to call myself a street photographer (yet). I do like this photo (click it to enlarge), though, taken during a trip to New York City when I wandered Manhattan shooting people and architecture while my wife attended Book Expo. The hat caught my eye first, so I followed the lady wearing it for a bit hoping a nice composition would appear as she moved through the crowd. This isn't perfect, there's a lot of chaos right around her, but what works for me is the woman at the left looking at the woman in the hat.

If you're interested in shooting, or just looking at, street photography, there are plenty of resources and photographers. A good starting point is the prolific Eric Kim. Check out the "Start Here" menu on his blog. I like work by Ibarionex Perello, host of the Candid Frame podcast. Same for Valerie Jardin. Jardin leads street photography workshops, sometimes with Perello, and one of which my M10 Studio colleague Steve Brokaw attended and wrote about. I also like New York City photographer James Maher. And of course, there's the posthumously famous Vivian Maier.

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