72 pictures

Back when Kodak announced it would end production of Kodachrome, even though I'm thoroughly digital now I went out and bought two rolls of it because back in the day when I first started shooting with an SLR it was my favorite film. I knew I couldn't procrastinate too long to haul out the film camera but I did and now the last official processor of Kodachrome in the US, Dwayne's Photo, will be pulling the plug on Dec. 30. More specifically, if you haven't got your exposed Kodachrome in their hands by noon on Dec. 30, your images will remain latent.

So now I have less than 2 months to shoot about 72 images of Kodachrome 64 on the Nikon F3 I inherited from my Aunt Marjorie, who would be pleased that I'm putting another couple of rolls in her camera.

Back in the day the advice was to shoot lots of photos, film is cheap, etc. Well, that's sorta the way we shoot digital now but with two final rolls of Kodachrome that's not the approach I'm using. Now I think, will I want to scan this? Will I want to print this? What's the odds I'll want to look at this image again? So the bar is set higher than what I'm used to.

Other issues/fun stuff:

  • ASA 64. Only. Too little light to shoot? Too bad. Wait 'till you get some.
  • No chimping. This is tough. I admit I chimp, I like to look at those histograms. I like to look at the composition. I also admit that a couple times in the project I've looked down at the back of the camera after taking a shot. That'll make you feel a bit dumb. On the other hand, it's been fun to go completely manual and figure exposures based on "sunny 16."
  • Sound. I love how this camera sounds when you take a photo. A good solid "chunk" as the mirror flips and the shutter opens and closes. Nice.
  • Small manual focus lenses. I'm using an old 28 mm f2.8 and a 50 mm 1.4. Ais. Got to start using these more on the digital cameras.
  • Did I mention no chimping? I've got 20-some photos taken with the first roll now, and I really want to know what they look like...